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  • Onward Book Drive

    Onward strives to empower communities, and especially school going youth, and that is why we started the ‪#‎OnwardBookDrive‬‬‬‬‬

The UN General Assembly’s concept of volunteerism insists on: Activities undertaken of free will, for the general public good and where monetary reward is not the principal motivating factor . The UN Volunteer Programme outlines four types of volunteerism: Mutual aid/self-help; philanthropy and service to others; civic participation; and advocacy and campaigning . Not all activists are volunteers, many activists are volunteers and many volunteers are activists. To further explain this, Naidoo contends that: “…the word volunteering can conjure up negative connotation for some in the civil society, particularly those in activist quarters. Instead of addressing the root causes of social problems, volunteering is sometimes seen as humanitarian action which alleviates the daily suffering of the poor and marginalized by providing direct services, but falls short of producing real change. Activism on the other hand is associated with advocacy, campaigning and social disobedience undertaken with the explicit aim of systemic social, ...



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